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As the interactions of your organization or your ecosystem grow, the complexity of relationships you have to deal with increases exponentially. Tackling such connected data with tables and sheets is cumbersome and flat, whereas graphs provide a common language that is both visual and analytical to make sense of relationships at scale.

Today's organizations don't just need to manage larger volumes of data, they need to generate insight from their existing data. In this case, the relationships between data points matter more than the individual points themselves.

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Illustration by David Sommerville based on the original by Hugh McLeod.

A data hub is a graph-database-as-a-service with advanced exploration and collaboration features. As your database grows with many different types of data points, relationships, and their attributes, you need better solutions. Dealing with large graph data requires exploration capacity that should work well within the limited screen real estate, while reducing the cognitive load arising from increased information complexity.

In addition to the general features, a data hub provides these exclusive features for your organization:

Graph database – Store all your graph data in one place with easy-to-use import, update, and export interface. Let your team or community generate insights via different yet consistent graph views from your database.

Advanced Search and Exploration – Search nodes, relations, and subgraphs specific to your hub data. Make iterative queries, find shortest paths, filter results, expand or prune node relations, and save custom graph views to share your findings with your team or community.

Dedicated Hub Page – Customize your data portal with dedicated search, graph lists, member lists, and featured content. A convenient page for your community to find everything in one place.

Team and Membership Controls – Invite members and allow direct member sign up with work email (e.g., whitelisted email domains). Control viewer, explorer, and admin roles. Collaborate seamlessly on multiple graphs with the team members, partners, and clients.

Data Privacy Controls – Configure private, private-shareable, and public graphs to manage access privileges for different users.

Security – Graph Commons uses industry standard protocols and encryption to protect registered user information and data. To keep all your work secure, Graph Commons encrypts data at rest and in transit. While our services are hosted in US-based AWS facilities, servers live within our own VPCs to prevent unauthorized network requests. To keep you up and running 24/7/365, Graph Commons infrastructure is backed by our data centers to protect service availability. Graph Commons is dedicated to ensuring that all customer and employee personal data is treated in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Priority Support – We constantly improve our platform to reflect learnings from our users as new features and optimizations. You benefit from these improvements and receive ongoing stewardship and support after initial setup: 1) Help Desk, which is email support with questions you may encounter in use; and 2) Troubleshooting, which is technical intervention in case of malfunction.

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