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A story of three musicians in PI Recordings ecosystem

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Alfabeyi bundan 3000 küsur yıl önce Fenikeliler icat etmiş. Basit gibi gözüken, son derece zekice bir buluş bu. Daha önce her biri bir basit kavramı ifade eden binlerce simge-resim varken bunlardan 2...

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this story tracks the major attacks committed by ISIS from among the 88 attacks by 9 different terror organizations since 2011 shown by the map

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How did Fettah Tamince benefit from AKP government's concessions?

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Azerbaijan's state-run oil company Socar has founded 30 companies in Turkey, including the construction of the natural gas pipeline TANAP that will carry gas from Azerbaijan to Europe, crossing throu...

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Declared supporter institutions of at-Risk Scholars around the world

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Sector-based curation that enhances creative production amongst our community  (Illustration: Yeşim Paktin)

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İstanbul, son yıllarda farklı alanlarda faaliyet gösteren ve şehrin dört bir yanına yayılan yaratıcı platformlara ev sahipliği yapıyor.

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Blockchain Turkey fintech startups

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ATÖLYE Projects and Contributors

Institutions, corporations, projects, people and their partnerships in the crypto space in Turkey.

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What's happening at your department? Who else is using emerging tech? Using the search bar in the top left we find the Government Digital Service.

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Defining the purpose of your service Ask yourself: - Who are your API customers?  - Which exact problem of your customers will be solved by the API?  - Which features will the API provide...

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Are you planning to build a service that will offer an API? Then you are in the right place. This story will walk you through various aspects of API design and will try to assist you in making approp...

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Graph Commons Dev Community

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